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Tackle Tips for Salmon Fishing on the Cork Blackwater

Comfort to the angler is the first requirement for choosing which tackle to bring along to fish the Blackwater.

If the rod is too long or heavy for the person’s size or ability then it can make the day unpleasant and learning difficult.

Glenda is always at hand to help with matching equipment to the person who is going to be using it, and she can offer many different kit combinations to try during your stay to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Glenda is an expert in balancing equipment to suit your personal requirements.

Blackwater Salmon Fishery also has an extensive range of tackle that can be purchased during your trip including fly lines, leaders, tippet materials, flies, spinners and you can even buy a presentation box of flies to take home with you from the Blackwater as a memento of your trip to the Blackwater valley.

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