Earthly Utopia

Written by Glenda Powell in 1997 on her first trip to the river Blackwater

Earthly Utopia
Imagine a dream, and in it the earth stands still,

For time is of no importance in this place.

Focus only on the rolling hills, the lush Emerald trees,

The scuffle of an otter in its search for food,

The brilliant blue of a damselfly as it rests on a rush.

The sunlight revealing the mating dance of the Mayfly,

A glimse of silver, and a splash as a salmon makes her way up river to spawn.

Sheer beauty as a wide river meanders to the sea.

This place is not in heaven, but is here in Ireland.

The majestic Munster Blackwater…………….

Oft’ referred to as ‘the Irish Rhine’ for sheer beauty and size.

As Shakespeare once wrote:

‘May all your dreams become reality’………

You can witness this dream too!